ajax Whilst I have done a small amount of ajax work, I would class it as an area in which I am continuing to enhance my skills. apache Eight years experience with apache 1.x and 2.x including clustered systems assembler The assembler toolbox has not been opened for some time but I have in the past developed bespoke software for control of a custom file system, a simple network, serial port diagnostics log and monitor and dialup communications systems. asp Experience largely restricted to modifying and maintaing existing websites, I am often called upon to enhance sites where the customer no longer has support for the original development awk I have been using sed & awk since 1984 on Unix V systems and continue to use them both linux and windows environments along with many other *nix based tools bash I have used sh, csh and bash for over twenty years on various platforms. Several of my hosted sites are 'cross-manged' using a series of custom scripts  c  I have over 12 years development experience in C on large scale projects, though my most recent activities have been on sub-projects such as interfacing to C within perl packages codeigniter I have just completed my fifth project in the php framework. It is a lightweight framwork which aids rapid MVC development and is open source and extensible c++ I developed a set of DLLs in C++ for use with a large scale VB project for a major retailer. The code was deployed in over 600 outlets  c#  I am currently working on a set of aviation flight preparation tools in C# for launch in late 2009 css This website carries the W3C compliance logo. Take a look at the stylesheet debian As well as my own main server, I was involved in the development, maintenance and support of a six node high availability cluster for a number of years html I began writing html in 1996 iis I am currently involved with several projects hosted on IIS servers javascript I have been using javascript since 2001. Whilst it is not my strongest area, I am competent with it and continue to enhance my skills java I am currently building up my java skills whilst working with the android development sdk joomla The Joomla CMS system is one I use more and more. I have developed various sites using joomla (including a multi-lingual demomstration site using jooml!fish) linux I began my career as a programmer on a Unix V system before moving on to DOS and Windows. Since late 2000 I have developed mainly on linux systems (since 2008 I develop for both Windows and linux platforms) mysql I develop and maintain several systems using MySql .net I recently joined the Microsoft ISV Empower partner programme and am working with .Net oracleLimited to insallation, configuration and porting a large body of postgresql code to oracle for a UK Met Office project  perl I began developing in perl in late 2000 and it is still one of my two main languages (along with php) php I began developing in php in late 2000 and it is still one of my two main languages (along with perl) postgresql I developed systems using postgreSQL between 2000 and 2008. I continue to support a 3rd party product which uses postgreSQL. sed I have been using sed & awk since 1984 on Unix V systems and continue to use them both linux and windows environments ubuntu As the emerging front runner in the linux 'distro wars', I use a Ubuntu system as my secondary linux server vb I have been involved in a variety of VB projects through versions 3,4,5 and 6. vb.net I am currently working with VB.Net in preparation for an avaiation releated project vhosting I have been providing virtual hosting services for over 50 domains since 2004 whitespace A language of great wit and intellectual charm in equal measures
windows I have been using, hacking and developing for Windows since version 1 xml I have been involved with XML parsing and transformations to and from XML for the past six years xhtml This website carries the W3C compliance logo.

Brief notes on a few clients:

Lies, damnded lies & CVs There is seldom an advertised position for which a person is a perfect fit. We are all faced with the dilema of 'CV massage' whether it is for a regular job, a contract or freelance work. It is tempting when an advertised position asks for several essential core skills and you have most but not all of them, to include them all in the hope of getting short listed for that first interview.

So what is the solution?
Simply state your skills honestly (list both current and not so current but with a clear indication of which are which), a 'no-fear' attitude to hard work, a desire to succeed, and reinforce your willingness to enter into a short trial on a 'no result, no fee' basis.

Work for nothing !?
Highly unlikely if you genuinely believe you can meet the demands of the job. Even though you may not have all the current skills, a potential employer will be more taken with you other qualities, above all those of honesty and motivation.

Just give me the tools
Most skills, such as programming languages, platforms, tools and techniques can quickly be absorbed if you have the core abilities to begin with. Switching from one database to another, one language to another is relatively trivial.

A very brief introduction ...

My work is extremely varied with a bias towards perl, php and server-side development.

I have experience with a large number of languages, tools and technologies formed over a period of twenty three years in the industry.

Most of my customer facing web work has been for intranets or closed group membership sites, the handicap being that I am unable to grant access to those sites for general view. I have included a small number thumbnail images of public websites to give an indication of the variety of work I have undertaken.

The thumbnails below are a small sample to make this page just a little bit more pretty.

I have many more client references - simply ask for details

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